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Tips on Preventing and Treating Constipation while Fasting

Constipation during fasting is one of the complaints that is quite often experienced when being fasting, especially in the month of Ramadan. By implementing a healthy diet and lifestyle, constipation can be prevented and relieved. If needed, laxatives can also be used to overcome them. Constipation during fasting can be caused by lack of fluid intake, changing meal schedules, and lack of consumption of fibrous foods. In addition, people tend to reduce physical activity during the fasting month. It also increases the risk of constipation. Tips to Prevent and Relieve Constipation during Fasting Complaints of constipation usually begins with difficulty defecating, hard stools, a lump in the anus, and the stomach feels full or bloated. So that your fasting is not disturbed by complaints of constipation, here are some tips you can do: Sufficient fluid needs Meeting the needs of body fluids during fasting is very important to help prevent and relieve constipation, facilitate digesti
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Know the Causes of Sensitive Teeth and the Solution

Sensitive tooth problems can occur to anyone, not just those who are negligent in caring for teeth. Sensitive teeth are also not infrequently complained of by pregnant women and the elderly. Come on, find out what causes sensitive teeth as well as how to overcome them. Sensitive teeth is a condition of the emergence of pain and pain in the teeth. This occurs when the teeth respond excessively to certain stimuli, for example when consuming food or drinks that are too hot or cold. Sensitive teeth can occur temporarily or in the long term, both in one and several teeth. Causes of Sensitive Teeth For food lovers, eating freshly served food and sipping cold drinks can be a satisfaction because it tastes more delicious. A variety of foods, including those that taste sweet and sour, and soft drinks certainly did not escape the target. But did you know? This habit makes you vulnerable to sensitive teeth, you know! Especially if you are negligent in caring for oral health regularly. Grad

Recognize What Examination Acid Resistant Bacteria

Acid-Resistant Bacteria examination is a procedure to detect bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB). TB bacteria can live in an acidic environment, so examination of these bacteria is known as acid resistant bacteria. Acid-Resistant Bacteria examination is carried out by examining the presence of bacteria in various organs of the body, mainly through examination of sputum samples, considering that tuberculosis (TB) most often attacks the lungs. In addition to examining sputum samples, smear examination can also use blood, stool, urine, and bone marrow samples to see TB infection outside the lungs. This article will discuss smear examination with sputum samples. If the patient cannot expel phlegm from the respiratory tract, the patient can undergo a bronchoscopy procedure to take sputum samples. Acid Resistant Bacteria Examination Indications Acid Resistant Bacteria examination is performed on someone suspected of having tuberculosis (TB or TB) infection. Symptoms can be: Chronic